About us


In 2013 the Faculty Council, resolved to establish a specialist service which would offer the services of advocates who have particular skills and/or qualifications relating to alternative dispute resolution processes. The FDRS is part of and operates under the auspices of the Faculty of Advocates. The service provided is overseen by a board who report to the Dean. In consultation with the Board, the Dean, has admitted to membership of the FDRS only those members whom the Dean considers, in his discretion, have the requisite skills or qualifications. Membership is continually reviewed in order to maintain the highest standards.

In addition, the FDRS encourages more junior members of Faculty to sit in on arbitrations, mediations etc (with the consent of parties) with FOA Arbitration appointed arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators in order to observe and learn from such alternative dispute resolution processes at close quarters.

The Faculty of Advocates

The Faculty of Advocates is an independent corporation. It has no written constitution and has been in existence since at least 1532 when the College of Justice was established by Act of the Scots Parliament. The Faculty’s motto is Suum Cuique “to each his own”. Advocates offer specialist legal representation and advice. To find out more about the Faculty of Advocates, visit their website www.advocates.org.uk.